100 Yen Sushi

I found that is quite interesting to have 100 Yen Sushi in Japan. Each Sushi Dish only costed 100 Yen,  that is very cheap, each dish has two pieces of sushi. Moreover, the quality of sushi is not downgraded because of price, you still can have salmon or tuna sushi. That is value of money. I like it!

Because of the food, I quite like the way, they serve the client. The staff is very friendly. But everything is self-help. Firstly, you can enter the restaurant and you go to the tablet to check-in, then the app will give the seat number, then you can sit, and there is a little tap for hot water and the can of tea power is on the table. You can make a cup of tea by yourself. Even taking the orders, that is from the tablet on your table. The staff will come in unless you press "help" button or at the end of meal to fix up your bill